Wilton Carpets

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Wilton Carpets


Wilton carpets give a feeling of luxury and comfortable in places where there is a heavy footfall. They develop a remarkable charm in your space as they increase the degree of the elegance of your home.  Pubs, clubs, hotels and other places of recreation hugely benefit from these woven wool stylish carpets that provide relaxing environment and attractive looks. We, at Shah Carpets, have a long-standing of delivering the right commercial carpets to recreations hubs in all designs ranging from modern to traditional. Wilton Carpets, worldwide are known for durability, stunning designs, and fit for places of heavy traffic & use.

Shah Carpets suggests a variety of product specifications to meet an extensive range of commercial applications.

Our Wilton carpets are durable, resilient, and dimensionally stable. Like other commercial tufted carpets, Wilton has no issues of delamination. Our wool Wilton carpets donate a natural design solution, with the opening to have a tailor-made vibrant textural effect.


Product Gallery

Looking for inspiration – you have our exclusive collection of Wilton carpets for exploring.  We have a variety of colors, latest designs and patterns, and sizes for you to observe and consider buying. You can even create your own carpet designs by selecting the colors you would like to have on your carpet.

Be it a simple idea or a complex thing, the carpet team at Shah Carpet in Bangkok will assist, suggest and guide you to turn your ideas into reality. Our teams have the skills and experience to closely work with the clients appreciate and you will be amazed to see how your vision gets translated to gorgeous masterpieces

Unparalleled Commercial Carpet Knowledge – We have a carpet store full of Wilton carpets and the section of testimonials filled with thousands of happy customers

Relax, Comfort, Class, and Luxury Underfoot – Bank on our years of experience to help you find the right design, pattern, and color.

Suit all Budgets and pockets – Our collection of commercial carpets is massive that allows a range in client budgets.

It is an investment – Make your space look impressive by covering its floor with an exclusive design of Wilton carpet.