Axminster Carpets

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Axminster Carpets

Where space has a medium to heavy footfall that requires a high-performance floor covering and also complex design patterns to raise the interior decoration quotient – you need Axminster Commercial Carpets. From modern to traditional designs our stock has numerous options available to choose from. Axminster commercial carpets are not only full of producing designs but also has wear resistance and soil hiding properties coming from their rich blend of 80 percent wool and 20 percent nylon that gives them practicality and quality. The ability to manufacturing them in custom sizes makes them Ideal for different spaces for example narrow-loom fit for narrow areas of pubs and bars to broadlooms fitting big widths for commercial foyers.

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Shaw carpets offer endless design opportunities and possibilities. Just let us know what are your requirements and we will have them made in the most attractive and luxurious designs, crispy and crystal clear patterns with all the vital aspects of hardwearing and durable.

Axminster carpets are for a luxurious look and feel.

Infinite design possibilities in Axminster carpets.

Never-ending possibilities of color combinations in Axminster carpets.

Long-lasting and resilient for high traffic areas like pubs and hotels

Top performing in the industry standards

Let us know what you want in design and you can create your own Axminster Carpet

Looking for a commercial carpet, need help? Call our helpline numbers or email us and our carpet sales managers will visit you and provide the advice you have looking for.