Carpet Washing and Cleaning

Whether you have commercial wall-to-wall carpet or handmade exclusive rug, if your space has lots of in and out traffic, you must get your carpets washed periodically. You could do it yourself but for that investment in machines are required. In case it’s a big space carpet, you need a professional carpet washing and cleaning company. We have years of experience in cleaning handmade rugs and industrial carpets, we know what carpet cleaning needs, how to gently tackle the messy areas and deepest hidden dirt particles without damaging the texture of the carpet.  

Washing of All Types of Rugs

Handmade Carpets
Commercial Carpets
Industrial Carpets

Before our cleaning process begins we check each rug for few vital things such as color bleeding, rug shrinking, or any other kind of damage that may appear while going for deep cleaning or eliminating deep-seated odors. We use herbal cleaners made of natural detergents to pamper your rugs. We know handmade rugs are a big investment, so we go gentle in wiping the dirt stains off till it starts to look as good as new.  

Unless the carpet cleaning company has heavy-duty equipment, machines and cleaners, the commercial rugs would get their clean look as one loves to see. Before we begin cleaning your commercial carpets we carefully look at each aspect of it. From stains to odor levels we thoroughly examine every inch of it. We attempt to remove all sort of allergens to a great degree and we use safe products to leave your space cleaner and healthier.

When it comes to cleaning industrial carpets, we have everything – machines, products and experience. Over time dust, dirt and other allergens get settled in the carpets which not make the carpets look discolored and dirty but also make the air around unhealthy. Our advanced process of carpet cleaning tackles the deep dirty areas of high traffic of your carpet by using excellent quality products that protect the texture, color and durability aspects of the carpet. Our focus is that your investment is well protected and your carpet keeps looking its best.