As we always say carpets are big investments and it gets really frustrating to see any of its portions getting damaged. Be it a just a cigarette burn or any heavy spill marks; it’s an annoying sight. One has to look for an expert in repairing carpets as leaving the damaged part as such reduces the life of the carpet in addition to one just can’t live with the damaged rug. Our experts in repairing carpets fix the damaged part in such a way that the repair merges in impeccably. Our repaired patch leaves no evidence or makes it almost unnoticeable.

All type of Carpet Repair


Although there are many reasons that carpets witness wrinkles and ripples, never properly stretch-installed in the beginning is the primary one.  Furthermore, humidity and excessive temperatures also play an important role. Carpet sellers usually advise on getting a new carpet whereas we say we have the requisite expertise to re-stretch your carpet which is a far less expensive option than having a new one.

Carpet patching

Carpets have cigarette burn marks, dried pet stains, or wine spills and all these incidents bring not only an ugly look to the carpet but also discolor its fibers. It is hard to get rid of these stains as no-matter-what kind of equipment or experience a carpet repairer has. In these cases, the only solution that works is going for a carpet patch. We have the skills and ability to replace the damaged part: all we need a matching carpet remnant which we will find from the reserved portions of your space if you don’t have one.

Turkish Carpets

Seam repairs

The moment when the glue begins losing its holding power or water brings damages because of improper cleaning and washing, seams tend to come apart. The carpets begin to separate and move away. As soon as you notice the seam coming off call us expert and immediate repairs as leaving it for too long would bring in more damages from the perspective of edges fraying further.