Carpet Shop

in Bangkok, Thailand

Shah carpets was founded in the US in the year 2000 and progressed in establishing business units worldwide. Currently, the company has retail outlets in the US, parts of Europe, and Thailand in Asia. Carpet in Bangkok is a website that controls our carpets and rugs business in Bangkok, Thailand and lets us exhibit our business services as the largest manufacturer, wholesalers, and retailers of carpets and rugs in Thailand. Being in the rugs industry for over two decades we have learned three key things – Highest quality product, genuine prices, and brilliant after-sales service.

Carpet Wholesaler and Retailer in Bangkok, Thailand

Our wholesale and retail carpet stores have a wide collection of handmade carpets, industrial and commercial carpets. When we say handmade carpets, we mean sourcing real handmade rugs from the tribes in the region that are known for making them. These tribes and their supply of finished handmade rugs are well integrated with the supply chains that allow us to proudly say – we have the rarest and authentic assortment of handmade rugs and carpets. In the field of commercial carpets and industrial rugs, we have our manufacturing units and also dedicated line of suppliers who keep filing our carpet shop with their new and latest designs, patterns and styles.

Carpet Sales in Bangkok, Thailand  

In our carpet shop, the key process is to not just sell carpets immediately, rather understand properly what a client is looking for. Our carpet salesmen and experts have the relevant experience in assessing your needs and then guiding according to what would aptly integrate and enhance the beauty of your space. Our primary carpet shops are in the heart of Bangkok Thailand, and we look forward to welcoming you with our exclusive range of carpets and rugs.

Handmade Carpets

in Carpet Shop

For carpet maker’s handmade rugs are masterpieces and carpet lovers they are a work of art. Each handmade rug is unique and each one is an investment that is passed on to generations as a family possession. The enormous effort that gets into making the handmade carpets expects respects from the buyers – that makes them have bigger carpet price tags. Each knot comes from the secret knowledge passed thru generations in the tribal belts known for making specific kinds of carpets. Once your space hugs the handmade carpet, nothing else would substitute it ever.

Commercial Carpets

in Carpet Shop

Commercial carpets and rugs come in many different styles, shades, patterns, and colors and are very easy to maintain as well. Looks, durability, and budget are the three key things that are observed when a decision about selecting a commercial carpet begins. In our carpet store, we have covered all these aspects properly as we carry many exclusive brands and styles including Axminster, Wilton, hand-tufted, etc to suit any floorings, space, and variety of commercial interiors. Selecting the right carpet is important: we have carefully made an assortment of brands to  make sure that our buyers are not deprived of any commercial rugs and carpets related benefits